Chewey bot is a Discord bot that was started for fun and was first launched into Discord on the 16th September of 2017. Originally started for a group of friends it's since evolved into much more.
Chewey Bot has been made solo by Chewey with the help of general community for those random problems
With this evolution, there have been constant challenges with this growth given id only ever thought it might make 5 servers planned hosting accordingly but recently we've been able to overcome these with the support and generosity of the Chewey Bot community
In recent times We have also been lucky enough to have some resources to launch a public API all bot developers can use Here which currently has Space Cat Dog and birb pictures with much more to come in the future
So feel like joining the roller coaster that is Chewey Bot then add it Here
Other works of Chewey is the Discord Bot Builder which enables anyone (even you) no coding knowledge needed to be able to make a Discord bot using a simple block type interface where users can just link blocks together find that Here
Have also built a custom discord client called DualCord which allows developers to get the best of and discord.js all in one library by merging them into one where you can use the best of both NPM This was made after realizing lacked good voice features, however, discord.js excelled here and with the huge amount of code in Chewey Bot it was somewhat unfeasible to recode everything so instead DualCord was born